SM Gourmet Market | Philippines

To be consistent with SM Aura’s upscale image, Point Design gave SM Supermarket a new sophisticated shopping environment. Inspired by the urban gourmet supermarkets in North America, Point created a grocery experience that communicates the characteristics of a fine cosmopolitan taste and lifestyle that are true to Bonifacio Glabal City’s customer base.

Unlike the typical supermarkets in the country, The 9,300 square meter supermarket in SM Aura was divided into different “worlds”, with each category featuring a different setting and is designed in accordance with the merchandise that it carries. Though the supermarket consists of different sub-environments, the whole store interior was designed following a cohesive concept that ties everything together.

The colors and materials palette communicate the concept of freshness throughout the store. Gray flooring, ceiling and wall finishes set a cool background to make the grocery products pop. Wood finishes for the walls, display fixtures and lighting provides a fresh and natural backdrop especially for the fresh produce. Selected walls were finished in white subway tiles to provide a clean, sophisticated background for the merchandise. To complete the palette, a fresh, vivid shade of green was used as an accent throughout the store.