What turns shoppers into customers?  What makes them want to come back for more? There’s hardly a single answer.  But inventive, inviting, exciting, edgy and alive are all words that describe the hard working retail environments we’ve designed around the world.

Each of our client’s retail environments is unique, though all offer customers a compelling experience of the brand at every point of contact.

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Balancing the needs and aspirations of shoppers with often conflicting financial goals of the developer is a particular challenge in designing shopping centers and malls.

We’ve long excelled at designing centers around the globe notable for their seamless integration of beauty, efficiency and innovative and cost-effective use of space and materials.

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We create brands
We help new brands sell
And we help established brands sell more

A thoughtful, strategically designed identity can work for an organization on many levels. It sets a brand apart from its competitors and signals strength. It can communicate pride, professionalism and a sense of confidence to both internal and external audiences. And it makes a vital connection between the logo and all the elements that make up a brand especially its environment.

The identities Point Design creates work well on paper and in three dimensions, wherever consumers encounter them.

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